Jan Stein

DiDiTs® are creative and accomplished persons, representing diverse disciplines.

DiDiTs affirm that artists who are our cultural treasures deserve frequent visibility.

DiDiT media is easy as AaBbCc: Aesthetically Accessible, unBiased/Brief and Cool in its Cultural Content.

DiDiT content is upbeat, with a state-of-the-art High Def visual quality.

DiDiTs supply the answer to the demand, “WHO DiD IT?” quickly and effectively.

DiDiT is the notion that persons of creative accomplishment are leaders, to whom we turn for inspiration, to inform us as to what is and should be important, and to direct us, by example, to Aspire Higher, in how we appreciate creativity and its effects.

Who’s a DiDiT? What gives them distinction?

DiDiTs are people of immense talent who have been recognized for their work and leadership, and figure both prominently and passionately in their cultural realm.

What’s a DiDiT? What does this new media format look like ?

DiDiT presentations are meant to be engaging and informative: (A) Accessible, (B) Brief and (C) Cool, Cultural Content.
No less than one (1) minute – no more than four (4) minutes.

Where’s a DiDiT? Where do they air ?

DiDiTs have been invited to air on Education Broadcast Company’s (EBC) WNET/PBS, NYC; Central Florida PBS/WEDU; and WHDT, Palm Beach County, Boston, MA, and Berlin, Germany as well as in conventional public venues, where youth-to-aging consumers congregate, such as airplanes, cruise ships, banking institutions, post offices, and many more.

When’s a DiDiT? Are they programmed for conventional time slots ?

DiDiTs are of High Def, T.V. quality, and intended for mass broadcasting, as 1-minute interstitials; they further lend themselves to state-of-the-art and emerging Internet browsing by over 1 million www media enthusiasts, who are each only a C—L—I—C—K away! In fact, the driving force behind DiDiT production is to fulfill the promise of the Internet.
Think V-WiKi - 24/7 media, where the information superhighway is the pathway to every pair of eyeballs.

Why’s a DiDiT? What are they for ? Where do they fit in the big picture?

DiDiT Media, importantly, support benefactors and sponsors by association. Quality subjects in the DiDiT content videos are quasi-educational. They may partner with corporations (such as but not limited to General Mills, Jet Blue, Virgin Airlines, PBS affiliates, Bank Atlantic, PUBLIX), but also may serve as vehicles for independent entrepreneurs and creative persons who use existing or want to create new Internet Web sites (including visual artists, architects, musicians, scientists, and innumerable institutions such as the Mint, GSA, publicly-funded art and architecture programs, associated with U.S. states, counties, cities, villages and municipalities, directed to seek out and fund DiDiT type projects).

Why Watch a DiDiT?

DiDiTs enrich and engage us, fulfilling the promise of the Internet, for “inquiring minds” who want to know and to be entertained even as we learn. Their purpose is to inform, not to interrupt, in moments when we are already primed and prepared to receive them. DiDiTs enhance public places—in bank branches via inside on plasma screens, in schools, as part of a teacher lesson or student report, in commercial movie theaters (prior to feature films), in promotions by savvy Marketing Directors for any number of consumer products at point-of-sale, in airports, while waiting in line in post offices, and in countless public forums—the avenues for DiDiTs that add value to our lives abound…

DiDiT Media’s PURPOSE:

Our intent is to depict as many creative persons of accomplishment as possible, in order to: Celebrate Humanity (Not Celebrity)—in its many creative processes in diverse disciplines.

Advocate the universal appreciation and understanding of humanity’s creative contributions (past, present and future), reflective of an actualized, civilized and cultural (both national and global) populous.

Lead the media industry, integral to supply, based on the changing national and global demand NOW for factual, knowledge-based family-friendly, cultural content media, which has broad appeal, accessibility, is engaging, and entertaining, and which can elicit quantitative positive responses by the growing numbers of Internet browser—who are one BILLION youth, middle aged, aging, and life-long creative learners.

Add value for the sponsor(s), because DiDiTs are not simply interesting by themselves; they add interest, whenever and however they appear.

DiDiT Media’s other important goal is to depict as many DiDiTs as possible, as quickly as possible, for donating to the Internet repository, known as Creative Legacy Archives, Inc. (CLA).

Jan founded Creative Legacy Archives, Inc., (CLA) which is an U.S. IRS approved public charity (501 C 3) whose mission it is to create an open source new media/video repository of high def images, such as DiDiTs that exclusively depict creative and accomplished individuals, in any discipline.

CLA is intended to display for future generations, documentary high def quality video images about this generation's quality multi talented achievers. As a reference and a learning tool, and upon viewing CLA's creative and accomplished role model images, CLA can motivate others to aspire higher, in terms of their own creative voice and expressions.

A successful DiDiT creative industry concept shall be integral to, and interrelated with building the GLOBAL Video Internet Cultural CONTENT repository, to be known as:
Creative Legacy Archives (CLA) - a Video-wiki-pedia – “V-wicki”

Featuring accessible, brief, cool cultural streaming video content – representing THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY at its most visual and informative – it’s best for displaying information - without charge to the viewer.

DiDiT Media addresses the early concepts of the pre-Information age, where “Media is the Message,” being a hybrid - related to news journalism, with entertainment T.V., features, but like content-rich PBS programming, and many traditional genres of print, and then - the Internet.

In summary, DiDiT Media depicts only HUMANITY who are CREATIVE AND ACCOMPLISHED PERSONS, nationally and globally significant, for quick/fast video access that supports building respect for, interest in, and aspiration to, achievement and national/international culture. DiDiTs augment print media, in commercially viable and complementary ways, and at the same time, DiDiT Media exclusively features actual HUMANITY (living or posthumously) talking about their creative processes and accomplishment(s).

Both, DiDiT and CLA are culturally significant, and at the same time, independent of one another. They can be appealing to, and integrated with, individual and corporate contributors, such as venture capitalists, private investors, foundations, philanthropic sponsor types, who want to create the cultural legacy - and national/international culture.

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Empowering individuals who aspire to be greater by exposing them to people of accomplishment from all walks of life through every type of endeavor.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire;
you will what you imagine;
and at last, you create what you will."
-George Bernard Shaw-