Jan Stein
Bhagavan Das welcomed Jan Stein and Eric Haase to Vati's, Tampa, Florida.
First American Guru

Bhagavan Das was the 'first American guru'. He is responsible for transforming Richard Alpert into Bhaga Ram Dass. Ram Dass wrote the seminal work in the sixties, BE HERE NOW that transformed a nation of hippies into a spiritual movement whose goal became inner peace and oneness with the Earth.

Richard Alpert was Timothy Leary's Compatriot at the Psychology Center at Harvard ?

Bhagavan Das was filmed at Vadi's house in Tampa, Florida. An annual retreat where he conducts private astrological readings as well as community chanting.

At 6'7" with hair just as long, Bhagavan Das is as impressive a physical presense as he is a spiritual leader. This legacy was filmed before and after a chanting session, and so while the DiDiT is a compilation of early memories that led him to India in 1963, after the Kennedy assassination, there are also many thoughts and feelings for the future of mankind.

During the video event there was a long portion of pure chanting and meditation that has been edited into a separate Video Stream of pure chanting and meditation. Some of this has been left into the original DiDiT as was deemed appropriate for the setting.

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