Jan Stein
Dr. Tony Janson confesses
"I am a reluctant art historian"

He is sitting at home in his garden in an almost thunderstorm. However from where I sit, while the video camera is capturing him, somewhere over that rainbow, Dr. Janson transformed into the QUINTESSENTIAL author, and an art historian who must be valued for the integrity of his life's work. Effortlessly, Tony Janson fulfills the Creative Legacy Archives' mission, not once, but twice. Author historian of art Anthony F. Janson, PhD is the well-deserving successor to his dad H.W. Janson's legacy. Tony successfully carried on his family tradition as the researcher, compiler, juror and writer of Janson's History of Art that was his life and career for nearly 30 years. He worked on Janson books beginning in 1975 (The Story of Painting for Young People) until early 2004, creating this exemplary art historic literary legacy.

Dr. Janson evolved as a creditable cultural advocate, qualified to speak about all things art. By inheriting a creative birth right, he now is distinguished as an accomplished individual, and he "did it" by hard work, researching, describing, commenting, and revising googles of information about the artistic legacies of other creative people.

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Congratulations on maintaining an important tradition, and caring enough to do so. Dr. Janson's hard work influenced generations of curious students, and Janson's History of Art IS art history. But, meeting Dr. Janson, in person or for a DiDiTâ„¢ minute is not about art history, or reading it, writing it or selling the books, at all; it is about knowing and valuing life and humanity.

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