Jan Stein
Story Musgrave, MD
NASA Astronaut, Inventor, Patriot & Poet

Story Musgrave, M.D. is the quintessential Creative Person of Accomplishment, whose exemplary and diverse legacies are noteworthy - for any generation. As a contemporary Renaissance man, Dr. Musgrave is a published author of poetry/prose, is proficient in technical sciences, design and technology, while he is recognized for his patriotism and service in the U.S.A.F and NASA. After, listening to Dr. Musgrave recite personal poetry, he generously invited me to see his huge back yard, where he and his assistant just seeded several species of Palm trees.

What an amazing experience for me to walk with Dr. Musgrave, who is wonderfully accessible, considerate gentlemen who has seen it all - including the sun, the moon, the stars...and Planet Earth, while standing in the Challenger Space Shuttle cockpit. Not only had he seen a lot...he DiDiT all, exudes Creative Legacy Archives Founder, Jan Stein. I fondly remember my DiDiT moment with Astronaut Musgrave, the most awesome palm pilot - now terra firma, planting and saving our earthly place and planet! Thank -you Dr. Musgrave.

Entry: Original Star Date June 2006

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You imagine what you desire;
you will what you imagine;
and at last, you create what you will."
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