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DiDiT® Media Featured on
XM Radio’s Greatness by Design Program:
DiD iT in the Just Do iT Generation

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West Palm Beach, FL…. DiDiT® Media's owner, chief creative officer and West Palm Beach resident, Jan Stein was a guest on the nationally syndicated XM Radio program that is called Greatness by Design.

On Sunday June 8, 2008, Stein joined XM Radio and South Florida native Ms. Blanche Williams on her unique program, which is marking its 5th Year Anniversary.

is recognized in the industry “as a rare and refreshing talk show, hosted by one of today's most trusted and engaging communicators, Blanche Williams.

By shunning sensationalism and focusing on in-depth conversations, Williams reveals the unforgettable stories behind women and men of greatness, while exploring subjects that will inspire, energize, and transform your life; from the inside-out. Guests have included Dr. Maya Angelou, Dr. Stephen Covey, Cicely Tyson, Nikki Giovanni, Suze Orman, Terrence Howard, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Susan L. Taylor, Melinda Henneberger, Tavis Smiley, Jerri DeVard, Deborah Santana, and Quincy Jones.

Williams’ niche is shaping our humanity through self-love, designing greatness one moment at a time, and media literacy for girls as they combat negative media images and a lack of self-worth.

Like Williams, Stein is a dedicated media professional committed to creating a (new media) niche and quality standard, which values and exclusively features creative and accomplished Humanity. Look around – like Blanche Williams AND many of her guests, DiDiT people are everywhere! Consider creative and accomplished artists, such as those who design aesthetic and beautifully-printed U.S. Postage stamps (for the U.S. Post Office) or designers commissioned by the U.S. Mint to design our much utilized currency/fifty (50) state quarters.

DiDiTs are about being actual and factual, and depicting diverse individuals whose personal words are engaging, family-friendly, and mainly inspiring. With an entertaining style and positive messages, DiDiT Media is appropriate for multi-generational listeners/viewers, and are not longer than 1-4 minutes of High Def presentation. Exclusively creative and accomplished persons are documented, as they speak extemporaneously about their unique creativity, process and accomplishment.

Designed to be a learning tool, DiDiTs are easy as AaBbCc - A) accessible/aesthetic (B) brief/unbiased, and (C) cultural content. Produced for showing on today’s everywhere plasma screens, or prior to feature film movie theatres, on airplanes and cruise ships in room, or on the expanding Internet and downloadable to personal I-pod markets, DiDIT® Media encapsulates national and global cultural icons, and importantly, the video shall be saved, in perpetuity, to inspire current and future generations.

To accomplish this, Stein founded the Creative Legacy Archives (CLA), a public charity entity and Internet based repository or video library for DiDiTs or other comparable media. Stein plans for CLA to fulfill the Promise of the Internet by adding one DiDiT at a time.